10 ways to manage stress

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The symptoms of stress are psychological and physical effects. This could include exhaustion, loss of appetite, headaches, irrational crying, sleeplessness, and “waking up”. The use of alcohol, drugs and often indicates stress. Feelings of anxiety, frustration or apathy – sure signs of stress.

Stress Management – the ability to control a situation where people and events make excessive demands. What can you do to “cope” with stress? What is the strategy?

• Try to be “positive”:
Give yourself a setup, “as well I can cope”, and do not think all the terrible and that all will be bad

• Selectively change your reaction to some negative things, but not too much at once.
Focus on the difficult and deal with your reaction “I’m for anything you do not do”

• Minimize the number of events in your life – so you reduce the possibility of overloading

• Change your outlook on life.
Learn to recognize the stress, find out what it is. Increase the “feedback” from the body and try to self-regulate stress

• Avoid excessively reactions:
Why hate when you can just not like a little? Why get nervous when you may be nervous? Why go mad if you can just be angry? Why be dull when you can just be sad?

• Try to “use” stress:
If you can not deal with what bothers you, then just used pure stress in the creative process

• Physical activity helps you cope with stress:
jogging, tennis, gardening – the best cure for stress

• Always plenty of sleep.
Lack of good healthy sleep can lead to stress

• Do something for others:
translate their thoughts on the problems of others – Feel yourself necessary to someone else

• Relax, take a break: Switch to something else, does not cause you stress response.

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