The actual cause of Kidney disease and Treatment

Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease

The other fatal kidney disease, including kidney damaged recently, reported an increase in Bangladesh. Any conscious person would be shocked by it. According to statistics, nearly 20 million people in Bangladesh suffer from kidney disease. Among them, the number of patients suffering from chronic kidney complex about 18 million. The disease has killed 5 people per hour. Kidney dialysis and kidney planting treatment cost a lot. Therefore, Most of the patients die without treatment. Moreover, the majority of patients with chronic kidney disease died of a heart attack. Because kidney disease, heart attack and diabetic very closely with each other.
According to the report. This disease increases the main cause is food adulteration, diabetes, and hypertension. The Elopyathi kidney experts say these three causes. In Homeopathic medical science view Consumption of allopathic more medicines is the main cause of kidney loss. Because as much we eat most of the drugs enter the bloodstream and are carried to their deeds. They are collected from the blood out of the body is responsible for two kidneys. As a result, we consume more medicines to our kidneys to work more. So two kidneys become weak, tired, weary and sick.

But many of us do not follow that drinking more water. Kidney damage is the basic cause of the disease is considered to be the name of the nephritis. The main reason being nephritis is drugs. Kidney drilling All drugs regularly. But Still a couple of particles of drugs is attached to the kidney. Later on, the particles of various microbes, chemical, dead cells, etc. accumulate. As a result, its structure changed. Therefore, the kidneys cannot recognize the particles. At one time the particle itself is trying to be a part of the kidney. But the kidneys are not willing to accept the particles. Until the end of the civil war began in the kidney. Which is called Autoimmune reaction.

Thus, do not recognize the other part of the kidney is regarded as an enemy. Therefore, in order to destroy it got caught. As a result, the kidneys own destruction. So it can be said that the high pressure and diabetic kidney as not to harm us. Damage is much higher than the allopathic Chemical medicines.

In particular, the allopathic medicines, people eat more. For example – antibiotics, pain medications, arthritis medications, sleeping pills, blood pressure medication, mental illness drugs etc. They can damage the kidneys so that they should say kidney restraint. The truth is that a common treatment method is not healing diabetes and high blood pressure. These are called control. But when drugs are consumed year after year, then the drugs can not control the disease. Instead, the disease controls the drugs as well. As a result, serious kidney damages are claimed. However, under an expert homeopathic doctor, diabetes, high blood pressure, and nephritis treatment should be taken. If you just let a couple of years, but was completely eradicated.

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