Hydrocele: Men’s Private Disease Complexity and Treatment


Hydrocele: Men’s Private Disease

A hydrocele is a single water-ful bladder surrounding the testicles, causing swelling scrotum. This is the water actually freezes the lining between the scrotum. Almost one in every 10 children born males have the hydrocele, but most hydrocil vanish without treatment within the first year. The men generally over 40 years -due to inflammation or injury in scrotum hydrocil may be.

Usually, the hydrocele is not pain. Usually, It is not damaged. Sometimes treatment may not be necessary. However, if you have a swollen scrotum then you have to go a doctor. Any other reason, such as cancer or other diseases will see scrotum was swollen testicles whether or not.


The main symptom is without pain,swelling hydrocele scrotum. Feels like a balloon filled with water. A hydrocele may be in one or two scrotum.

The reason: Boy child while in the womb may be the hydrocele. During pregnancy, the growing baby’s scrotum approximately 28 weeks from the belly cavity scrotum comes down. With each scrotum, there is a bladder, the clogged in it.

In most cases, the bladder is closed, and water is absorbed. However,the bladder is closed even if the water remains then it’s called disconnected hydrocele. In the case of the stomach, the bladder is closed, but the water can not go back. Usually, within a year the water is absorbed and vanish.

In some cases, the bladder is opened. This situation called hydrocele connector. The shape of the skin of bladder can be changed, or if the pressure in the scrotum it returns to stomach.

In the case of older men due to inflammation or injury in scrotum As a result hydrocele may be. If the infection occurs in scrotum then hydrocele may be.

Risk Factors

One of the most hydroceles is at birth. This is called congenital hydrocele. Other conditions usually attack at the age of 40 years old or more. Hydrocele risk factors include:
1. Hit scrotum
2. Infection
3. Treated with radiation therapy.

When will go to the Doctor

For your own: you go to the doctor immediately if you see swelling scrotum. To determine the cause of the swelling scrotum is very important, especially to be sure whether or not it’s a tumor. Sometimes, the hernia is with hydrocil. In this case, the proper treatment needs.

For your children: Children hydrocil usually vanish by itself. However, if your child hydrocil does not vanish after one year or more, then must go to a doctor.


Usually hydrocele is Diagnosis by physical examination. Swelling scrotum and after pressure does not feel pain. Usually, the water around the scrotum can not be felt by hand. Pressing stomach or scrotum, sometimes the bladder can be large or small, need to understand that there is a hernia.

Since hydrocil water is usually clear, so your doctor may want to check out scrotum by torchlight. Hydrocil line can be seen in the light of the scrotum, the clear water around it is to be understood. If your doctor suspects that you have been hydrocil due to inflammation, blood and urine tests may be helpful in diagnosis. Possible tests include:

1. Ultrasound Imaging
2. Abdominal X-ray


A hydrocele usually not dangerous and usually it does not interfere with reproduction. However, the following conditions may be involved with it, then it could cause serious complications:

1. Infection or tumors: These may interfere with sperm production or sperm works.
2. An inguinal hernia: If a hernia stuck on life and death problem can occur.

In addition, usually, the complications that may arise include:

1. Mobility difficulties
2. Sexual Problems
3. If hydrocil larger than a blockage in the scrotum blood supply.


Children hydrocil automatically vanish within a year. If it does not vanish after a year or more surgery may be needed. Hydrocele adult men grow despite the discomfort or size of the operation is required. The operation will be done by the skilled surgeon.

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