Keep Kidney Healthy and Kidney Health

Kidney Health

Keep Kidney Healthy and Kidney Health

More than 280 million people around the world suffer from diabetes. If this trend continues in 2025, it is estimated to exceed 440 million. Many people with diabetes do not know that there is a close relationship between kidney disease. In fact, one-third of people affected with diabetes have kidney disease caused by diabetes, a diabetic doctor in nephropathy. These issues should be disclosed to the public, to make people aware. Harmful behavior is not for health. To the fight against obesity, and diabetes, and high blood pressure screening in advance of Identification for the integrated programs and initiatives necessary for these purposes. There are many people who do not know the damage that already has a lot of them, all of a sudden kidney. And when it became clear it was too late. If you have kidney disease can be detected in advance to avoid dialysis and kidney transplantation are suffering. They have already attacked kidney disease, which can occur in the disease, they can write stories, you can say, friends and family.

Can make us aware of the risk of kidney disease. In many countries of the National Kidney Foundation, our country. Together with the government to create public awareness about it, and to identify early kidney disease can take a major initiative. The Kidney Foundation is working in our country.

World Kidney Day is celebrated in many countries every year,the International Association of Nephrology and the International Federation Kidney Foundation joint venture.
The aim of World Kidney Day are-

– Overall health awareness among the people about the importance of kidney and kidney disease, and accompanied by health problems all over the world to attempt to reduce.

– This tract is one of the wonderful initiatives to raise awareness about the kidney.

– The main risk of chronic kidney disease is diabetes and high pressure, it is strongly presented.

– People with diabetes and high blood pressure all phases of their Chronic kidney disease screening to see whether there is.

– To be informed about preventive behavior.

– Chronic kidney disease, especially in high-risk people to advance marked a major role in educating medical professionals.

– Local and state authorities play an important role and responsibility in the prevention of chronic kidney disease, strongly informed them about it.

When identified early, chronic kidney disease can be treated effectively. Reduced complexity and thus the global chronic kidney disease and heart disease deaths and dramatically reduce eyed. Kidney disease is a silent slowly in the body. At the time it reaches the final stage of the disease symptoms occurs, then there is no another way of dialysis and transplant. Urine ketones test,Creatinine Blood Test and blood pressure measuring see the early signs of kidney disease can be found. Many people do not know that the beginning stages of chronic kidney disease in most cases does not catch. Even then if you want to test it, you need small amounts of blood and urine samples.

If there is damage in kidneys then protein out there with urine. Therefore, urinary albumin (protein) that if there is a low-cost, functional test. The signs of chronic kidney disease protein in the urine after a few days.

The overall condition of the kidney’s blood sample to tell the doctor sees the value of creatinine, calculated rate does Glomerular filtration.
Check whether you have diabetes, blood sugar measured. See blood pressure measured.

So, if identified early chronic kidney disease and end-stage kidney disease patients only go if it is to be able to resist, reducing the chances of heart disease brings, which is a major cause of premature death worldwide.

know a little about blood creatinine: creatinine, a waste of blood, which is derived from muscle activity. It takes blood away from the kidneys normally, but when it comes to slow down kidney function, blood creatinine, and increased value. Doctors cut out using the blood creatinine value kidney function or G.F.R.

According to the kidneys, blood GFR Glomerular filtration rate of job action. You know the value of blood creatinine, using a special formula, can be calculated GFR. The normal GFR 100 ml / min, indicating that kidney function has declined to below. GFR 60 ml / min is shown below if a kidney disease specialist. GFR 15 under the sign of kidney failure when dialysis or a kidney transplant may be required.

To keep the kidneys better there is seven golden formula: – Kidney disease is a silent killer. Impact on quality of life.
However, there are some simple ways to prevent kidney disease.

1. To keep the body fit and active-low blood pressure and low-risk of kidney disease.
2. To keep blood sugar under control Regularly.
3. Blood pressure measured appeared to be 120/80.
4. Feed and keep a healthy weight. Eat less salt, no more than half a spoon.
5. Do not smoke.
6. When you own medicines can not be bought.
7. If any, high pressure, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, if anyone in the family-African, Asian and indigenous affairs be checking to see if the kidney.

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