Men’s Health: 10 Health Risk


We had a recent study about the diet tends in Australia and we found out that men’s health are at big risk, but all of them can be prevented. Long, healthy life, Should know: Only 10 risks prevent health is enough. according to the famous Agency CDC and several other Health Organization statistics, Was known.

1. Heart disease

The main health risk for men as well. Of course, if you have a good heart health and healthy life choices.

– You can not smoke. Tobacco, chewing tobacco, chewing Rose will not run. If someone smoking, he will not be around. If it fails to stop would go away.
– To eat a healthy diet. Lots of vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, fiber and fish. The food is high in fat, salt too good to throw away the food.
– If you have high blood cholesterol, and high blood pressure then, you should take medical advice from a doctor.
– Athletics will be a part of everyday life.
– To maintain a healthy weight.
– Avoid drinking alcohol if you will.
– If you have diabetes, the blood sugar value should be maintained.
– To deal with stress.

2. Cancer

Who are died due to cancer in men, lung cancer is the top. The American Cancer Society’s opinion: This is because of smoking. Prostate cancer is cancer and cholesterol. To prevent cancer –

– You can not smoke. Tobacco, chewing tobacco, chewing Rose can not.
– If anyone smokes next to you will go away from him.
– Athletics must have in everyday life.
– To maintain a healthy weight.
– A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Avoid fatty foods.
– Should not be longer under the sun. The use of an umbrella and hat, sunscreen should be used.
– Avoid drinking alcohol.
– Doctor for regular cancer screening and to help.
– Is the father of cancer, such as the carcinogen, Redon, asbestos radiation and air pollution may not be facing. Please, go to to learn more on cancer prevention.

3. Hit

According to the Centers for Disease, Control CDC is the main cause of fatal accidents among men, automobile accident. To avoid terrible accidents –

– In the car must wear seat.
– Should obey the speed limit while driving.
– Alcohol or other drugs should not drive a car.
– Sleepy eyes, it is not right to drive a car.

The other major cause of fatal accidents, collapse, falling glide, poisoning. Chemicals that should be used in place of ventilation, In the bathroom is not slip mats should be used.

4. Stroke

There is some recognized stroke, which can not be changed, such as family history, age, and race. However, there are also quite a few risks can be changed.

– Should not be smoking.
– If you have high blood pressure or high blood cholesterol values you should consult a doctor and should obey medicine.
– Diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol is good. The elimination of trans fat is good enough.
– You should maintain a healthy weight.
– The course of action should be to live day to day.
– If you have diabetes, you may be under the control of blood sugar.
– If drinking should be restricted.


Respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis and emphysema these are called COPD. It was the whole Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. In order to prevent the disease –
– Never smoking. If someone smoking next, he should refrain from adopting smoke.
– Chemicals and air pollution can be as low as face to face, as well.

6. Type II Diabetes

Diabetes is the most common type II diabetes increases blood sugar.
If it does not control the variety of complications, heart disease, blindness, nerve disease, kidney disease. To prevent it –

– Body to shed excess weight, if overweight.
– Fruits, vegetables and the low-fat diet rich in healthy foods to eat.
– There must exercise daily lives.

7. Flu

Influenza is a common viral infection. For healthy people, the flu, so the body is not serious, but can be fatal flu complications, especially those with chronic diseases or those who have weak immune power.
If you want protection from the flu you should take vaccine every year to protect you from the flu.

8. Accidents like Suicide

In many countries, the despair of suicide among men in society.
A good idea to consult a doctor if you feel depressed mind. There has medicine. Why destroy yourself? No matter how unfavorable conditions, however, whether the threat, it is beyond the working man.

9. Kidney Disease

The complications of kidney failure are diabetes or hypertension being.
If you have Diabetes or high blood pressure you should consult a doctor and take treatment.

– Healthy eating. To eat less salt.
– Exercise every day
– Secret weight if overweight.
– According to prescription drugs.

10. Alzheimer’s Disease

There is no proven way to prevent this disease. However, these measures can be taken –
– A heart took care of. If high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes,high cholesterol then Alzheimer’s disease increases the risk.
– The head does not hurt, you should see. Being the hit on the head with Alzheimer’s disease have a relationship in the future.
– You should maintain a healthy weight.
– Exercise every day.
– Eliminate smoking.
– Eliminate alcohol.
– Continue to social gatherings.
– To maintain mental fitness. Brain exercise for play, exercise. Trying to learn new things.


Health Risks must take seriously. It would seem to fear risk, but there is no reason to panic, but we need for healthy living should be. A healthy diet, being physically active if you give up smoking, regular check-up and to remain vigilant in their daily activities and movements, all the better. If these preventive activities, in the long run, will increase the chance of a healthy life.

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