The Constipation: Causes and symptoms of constipation

Causes and symptoms of constipation
Causes and symptoms of constipation

Dabid’s forty years old. Worked well. All of a sudden a few days, her closet is tough. It seems a long time sitting on the toilet, despite being in the closet is not clear. He looks very Depressed. Day by day he is so dried up. Blood in the stool, he was asked whether he noticed that Did not do. He was taken for various tests. proctoscopy sigmoid test is done. That was his Cologne gastrointestinal cancer. Basically, that’s what brought Mr. David constipation symptoms. But what is constipation, why is that? How can we prevent it? What might be the consequences if not treated? That now We’ll talk.

What is constipation?

If anyone goes to the toilet less than three times per week. The closet is hard to. Scaled sufficient taking the meal and if still is that. Then it is called constipation.

Causes of constipation

1. If Eating fewer fiber foods and fruits and vegetables.
2. Less drinking water
3. When anxiety
4. Manual labor, such as walking or if you do not exercise at all.
5. If gastrointestinal cancer.
6. When diabetic.
7. As a result of the brain tumor and brain hemorrhage.
8. If a lot of beds due to illness.
9. Different types of drugs. For example:

A. Pain medications

B. Medicines for high blood pressure

C. Gastric drugs

D. Seizure of drugs and

E. Iron in The drugs, such as calcium and minerals aluminum. Without it, the nervous system and hormone disorders can be for a variety of problems. The tremor caused by the disease, the injured nerve cords. Significant long-term kidney problems, and thyroid problems.

Symptoms of constipation

1. The tough closet.
2. Take more time to evacuate.
3. More pressure will be needed to evacuate.
4. Do not come to the fullness of the closet.
5. Around the anus and lower abdominal pain and
6. Finger or any other out of the closet.

How to prevent constipation

1. To avoid the disease more vegetables, fruit, and fiber-rich foods have to eat.
2. Need to drink more water.
3. Anxiety will be eliminated.
4. Those who worked all day to sit down to their regular exercise. And
5. The treatment for the disease to his constipation.

If the constipation treatment is not, the problems may be

1. Retention closet might be lost.
2. Piles.
3. Anal fissure.
4. Rectal prolapse or anus could be out.
5. Mentally ill have a tendency to be.
6. Urination may be closed.
7. The esophageal screw leg may be swollen abdomen.
8. Esophageal ulcer or perforation may be. And
9. If constipation is for colon cancer and brain tumors and if the treatment is not on time then It may be premature.

Many different types of soft drugs for constipation constantly closet, syrup and anus The drugs have been in use. Which is not at all. Constantly to soften the closet If you use drugs, it becomes a habit. As a result, the efficiency of the anus is normal.

Therefore, the elderly and those who do not work in labor. Among them are those who have the disease should determine the cause and treatment of the disease. In addition, cows, mutton and other fatty foods which are tough stool Should avoid that many can benefit.

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