High blood pressure and heart disease

blood pressure and heart disease

What is the relationship between high blood pressure and heart disease?

Uncontrolled high blood pressure or hypertension is a long-time heart blockage of blood fat accumulation can be plastered. Ischemic heart disease can be prevented as a result of the circulation of blood, a serious disease in which the heart. Find the best stethoscope to monitor your heart condition.

What type of heart disease due to high blood pressure?

High blood pressure can lead to heart blood fat layer Ischemic heart disease. The walls of the heart become an obese hypertensive heart disease, heart failure can be.

What is high blood pressure?

Blood vessels, nerves, blood vessels as well, depending on the size. And the narrower vascular blood supply to parts of the body and the same amount for the heart to work longer. In such situation, the blood supply to the heart to maintain the pressure is higher than normal. The condition is more pressure in hypertension.

What could be due to high blood pressure?

30 to 50 years of age usually occur in hypertension. High blood pressure trends and the dominance of men over women. High blood pressure during pregnancy and women taking birth control pills can be. Whose weight is more than the height, the greater the risk of high blood pressure? Family relatives (such as parents) are at increased risk of high blood pressure hypertension disease.

What is high blood pressure can damage our body?

Life-threatening high blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage our body of vital organs. The problem is that if you have high blood pressure-

1. Stroke (brain hemorrhage).

2. A heart attack.

3. Heart failure.

4. Are susceptible to kidney fail.

5. Continuous pressure vessels in the eye and it were swelling,

6. Outside the walls of the wound and the blood vessels strong,

7. Impeded the circulation of the blood vessels in the inner wall of the accumulation of fat and other substances, and

8. Inability to have sex.

What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

50 percent of the patients have not seen any physical problem, and the other went to the doctor to measure the pressure after the sudden presence of high blood pressure is known.

1. Headache: a severe headache, that morning, a few days are, nausea, vision gradually decreases,
2. Feeling dizzy,
3. The less sleep,
4. Shortness of breath and
5. Bleeding from the nose.

What kind of life, to change the control of high blood pressure?

Treatment must continue for life. Feel better if the treatment cannot be excluded. To reduce weight. Extra-sodium salt diet, fat, cholesterol-rich foods you should avoid. The rest will be sleeping, yoga or all the rest can be easily adopted. To exercise, but exercise cannot be excessive. And the exercise must be stopped before it is exhausted. Must take medication regularly, it is a must to control diabetes. After a certain time to meet with your doctor, to stop smoking.

What is high blood pressure every day to measure?

No, it is not necessary to measure the pressure every day for high blood pressure. If uncontrolled pressure after a day early, then later one day a week and once a week or once a month, two pressures should be measured.

What tests need to have high blood pressure?

To determine the cause of high blood pressure, high blood pressure and high blood pressure need to have some tests to see the effect.

What is heart disease due to high blood pressure need to test?

Due to high blood pressure to determine the heart disease, ECG, Echo (Color Doppler) ETT, CXR, P/A view tests are required.

High blood pressure with heart disease, What medicines can be used?

With high blood pressure if have blocked in heart Blood-vessel,aspirin-like drugs, beta-blockers, medicines, nitrate drugs are used.

So,high blood pressure and heart disease associated with each other.

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