Risks of Heart Disease and Complexity

Risks of Heart Disease

Risks of heart disease

Heart disease is the biggest killer diseases and brain hemorrhage as well as have been identified. 17 percent of 5 million people dying each year from these diseases. The World Heart Day is celebrated around the world on (September 8). The Day celebrations aim to inform the public about the risks of heart disease and stroke prevention methods and informed.

According to the American Heart Association October 2007 report, In 2025, 1.5 billion people, the 25-year-old plus one in three adults is estimated to be as high blood pressure. The world’s number one killer, heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure is the biggest single risk.

Need to know

There are no obvious symptoms of high blood pressure, so this is the only way to learn about the doctor or the medical check-up done by professionals. In order to emphasize this year’s theme is “Know your own risk.

Blood pressure checks and finds out whether or not there is a risk by Doctors and medical staff.

High blood pressure is the silent killer would be an exaggeration to say. There are no symptoms, but can occur silently destroy the heart and blood vessels. Increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. If the amount of risk that normal blood pressure, more than three times the risk of high blood pressure became. If high blood pressure continues to damage the body every day.

There’s the good news. Health care workers and doctors can easily identify the blood and the patient can control life changed completely. Medications can be given. So, if you know what’s the amount of risk that may impact on high blood pressure in the body to protect itself from it.

How many know what your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol, as well as without value, if you know, It is also, the body height, weight and waist size to know if the doctor can suggest reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke in order to survive and what can be done. Professor Shahryar Sheikh, President of the World Heart Foundation, said: “So You Can Have a Heart for Life.” It is the responsibility of the health care professionals. The World Heart Day, and cooperate with the global movement to create awareness and to encourage people to reduce the risk of heart disease by taking the initiative.

Tests for patients with heart health action can be taken. Inform the patient about the quality and level of risk and how it can be prevented. What can be done to change the lives of patients should be taught.

Organizations like the National Heart Foundation are working in our country. After sufficient incentive for change in people’s lives openly created. Screening for cardiovascular disease can be introduced, among whom there is a family history of the disease, the benefit of this skinny. Professor Shahryar Sheikh says, “the twenty-first-century disease is a major global health issue. However, it is a disease, which has both the ability and the knowledge to deal with. One of the ways to prevent heart disease and stroke, regular exercise, not smoking and a healthy diet, low in salt and fat and fiber will be, there will be more fresh vegetables and fruits. Therefore, the risk of his own life to lead healthy, knowing himself to be the main message of World Heart Day.

The risk of cardiovascular disease should be measured more affordable.
Heart disease once thought to be a disease of the rich, but rising to 80 per cent of heart disease in the developing world. Cardiac deaths occurring in low-income and middle-income countries, and it is now for the world to screen for heart disease in order to protect health staff and epidemiologist, it is considering ways to improve the tracking and treatment.

Turns out, at least the task of screening the disease can be much cheaper and faster. In 2008 mid-March issue of The Lancet, the researchers report in the American Medical Journal, a group that has a scale, a tape measure and measure blood pressure machine for 10 minutes at a very low risk of heart disease when it comes to the results, the effectiveness of expensive laboratory test results Tests are almost equal. Fix it, “he said,” but it did not feel like testing a lot of doctors, the patient can quickly screen. As a result, both the developed and the developing world could be a much more effective treatment.

The study has been conducted Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, researchers in Boston. Thomas Gaziano led it. US National Health and Nutrition Survey that only six of the 186 people who took part in the American adult. They gathered data on the test results that the research team has an idea.

So, we should all aware from the risk of Heart disease.

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